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Welcome to my site. My name is Martin Woodward, I’m 68 years old and have been self employed virtually all my working life and survived and prospered through several recessions.

I only sell books / CDs that I have written myself, as this is my passion.

Although the items may seem unrelated, they are the story of my life, beginning as a touring professional  musician in the 60’s / 70’s, after which I spent 30 years as a driving instructor / property developer and also ran a successful mail order printing / sign making  business.

In 2003 I ‘retired’ and went t live in Cyprus, where I went back to music and also ran another sign making business.

In 2006 we returned to the UK as Cyprus was too hot, and then toured and lived in a motorhome for a while before re-settling in Sheffield (where my wife comes from).

Now mainly I write music, music books and meditation / self help recordings using Binaural beats and Isochronic Tones which can all be seen here.

Feel free to contact me via the contacts page if you need more information on any of my items.



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